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types of gond
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types of gond


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Rice is a luxury item that Gonds enjoy during feasts and festivals. Some Gond clans still observe totemic taboos and avoid eating the flesh of certain animals. The village priest (devari), whose office is usually a hereditary one, performs the sacrifices and rituals for village festivals. London: Oxford University Press. The Gonds celebrate many feasts connected mainly with the agricultural seasons and with life-cycle events (birth, marriage, sickness, and death). In the southern parts of Gondavana the Gonds speak a language called Parsi or Parji (Persian), also of the Dravidian family. . Some Gond groups have totally abandoned Gondi and speak the language or dialect common in their locality. The staples of the Gond diet are two millets known as kodo and kutki. The Dhur Gond, Bisonhorn Maria (so-called because of their distinctive horned headdress worn for dancing), the Muria Gond, and the Paharia Gonds are some of the Gond groups found in the region. Gonds face problems typical of tribal peoples throughout South Asia and much of the world. In the present political situation the Gonds are, despite their numbers, politically powerless, which is partly because of this Tribal disunity but also because of their comparative lack of education and drive, and their great poverty. Between the 16th and mid-18th centuries, when Gonds were at the height of their power, Gond dynasties ruled in four kingdoms (Garha-Mandla, Deogarh, Chanda, and Kherla) in central India. The phratry is divided into a number of exogamous clans (pari). R. V. Russell and Hira Lal maintain that only between the ninth and thirteenth centuries a.d. did the Gonds come and settle in Present-day Gondavana. Delhi: Gian Pub. They often tattoo their bodies. The council, made up of the headman, the priest, the village watchman, and four or five elders, is responsible for the smooth running of the village and upholding Gond customs and traditions. House, 1988. They ask soothsayers and diviners to find out the cause of problems and to suggest remedies. When roasted in ghee, … They also worship Pharsa Pen, in the form of nail or a piece of iron chain. Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of World Cultures. [11], The origins of the Gonds are still in debate. Deities such as Shitala Mata, goddess of smallpox, help ward off disease. To make these Ladoos, we use Acacia Gum that is made using dried sap of babul tree. Gonds have a rich arts tradition that includes pottery, basket making, body tattooing, and floor painting. He is respected but he does not receive fervent devotion, which is shown only to clan deities. The life spirit goes to Bhagwan to be judged and rewarded by reincarnation into a higher form or punished in a pool of biting worms; after a while the soul is reborn and begins a new life. Most describe themselves as Gonds (hill people) or as Koi or Koitur. They became progressive and wealthy farmers and were gradually transformed into Ragbansi Rajputs. He over3s the activities of the lesser gods and he is to be respected and worshiped, but he does not receive the fervent devotion reserved for the clan deities. Reprint. The Gonds are among the largest tribal groups in South Asia and perhaps the world. [24], Gonds also believe in rain gods. He also organizes and officiates at the annual clan festivals. In addition to its Gond inhabitants, a village has its service castes such as the Ahir (cowherds), Agaria (blacksmiths), Dhulia (drummers), and Pardhan (bards and singers). Each saga traces its descent to one of the four groups of gods who emerged from the cave after their release by the hero Lingal. The language is related to Telugu. Gonds believe humans have a life force and a spirit. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Gonds also believe in the evil eye and in witchcraft. ." The Bisonhorn Marias of Bastar may be such a tribe. Cock-fighting is a favorite pastime of some Gond groups. It is closely connected to the institution of family. With a person were buried their worldly possessions. Pingle, Urmila, and Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf. Shamans are persons who easily fall into trances and are then believed to be possessed by deities or spirits that prophesy through their mouths. Gonds welcome visitors with dried tobacco leaves, fruits, or other small gifts. In fact, the number of Gonds is really much higher, since many Gond communities have been fully accepted into the Hindu caste system, have adopted another name, and have completely abandoned their original tribal ways of life. Gods of the field and gods of cattle must receive their offerings to ensure a productive harvest. February sees the start of the hot season, with temperatures rising to over 40°c (104°f) in early June. Gond houses contain cots and a few wooden stools; mats are used for sitting and sleeping. They are good singers, though the melodies of their songs sometimes sound monotonous and may not be of their own invention. At a certain age, they begin to assume some responsibility for household and agricultural chores. In People of India. Maratha power swept into Gond land in the 1740s. Each clan has their own persa pen, meaning "great god." Offenders against the law of exogamy are excluded from the tribal community and can only be readmitted after separation. Vol. They turn to soothsayers and diviners to find out the cause of their problems and the appropriate remedies to be taken. [14], Many astronomical ideas were known to ancient Gonds. In the early 20th century, the language was spoken by 15 lakhs: around half their population at the time, the rest having shifted to other regional languages. According to the Gond creation myth, when the Gond gods were born they were abandoned by their mother. Gondh or edible gum is widely used in dishing out nutritionally loaded preparations; one of its most popular uses in India is while preparing nourishing laddoos that are usually consumed by … The combination of the clans varies locally, but the number—eighteen—is always retained. Bombay: Asia Publishing House, 1960. They often carve doors and panels to decorate their houses. While the village and clan priests perform sacrifices, diviners and magicians deal with the supernatural in another way. Literacy (percentage of the population who can read and write) among Gonds varies from just over 25 percent in Maharashtra to less than 15 percent in Madhya Pradesh. These ancestor spirits watch over the moral behavior of the living Gond and punish offenders of tribal law. Late September marks the return of the cool, dry weather of winter. Kamalji Gondwala specially deals in all types of Gum, Guggul, Shatawar, Kesar, Amla, Kamar kas (Palash Gond) and also deal all types of herbs in powder form which are rarely available in the market. The 2011 Census of India recorded about 2.98 million Gondi speakers, concentrated in southeastern Madhya Pradesh, eastern Maharashtra, southern Chhattisgarh and northern Telangana. Chickens, goats, and sometimes male buffaloes (and reputedly in the past, humans) are the sacrificial victims. (December 21, 2020). The belief in the survival of the ancestral spirits is, however, quite strong. Each Gond village has a headman (known by local names such as mukhia, mahji, or patel ) and a village council (panchayat) chosen by the villagers. Elaborate and costly ceremonies, including sacrifice, are performed at funerals by those who can afford it. . Dasahara is an important Gond holiday. Despite their numbers, the Gonds are an assemblage of diverse tribal groups. Scholars believe that Gonds ruled in Gondwana, a region extending from what is now eastern Madhya Pradesh to western Odisha and from northern Andhra Pradesh to the southeastern corner of Uttar Pradesh, between the 13th and 19th centuries AD. Ceremonies. Pregnant women are subject to certain taboos as a protection against magic spells and evil influences. Fuchs, Stephen. They prospered economically and acquired a high social standing. They believe that adultery is punished by the ancestral spirits that can cause crop failure or an epidemic among humans and cattle. Bands of young people travel from village to village, dancing and singing. These deities and spirits may be benevolent, but often they are capricious, malevolent, and prone to harming human beings, especially Individuals who have made themselves vulnerable by breaking a rule of the tribal code. The racial history of the Gonds is unknown. He is the guardian of the sacred spear point, which is never kept in the shrine but rather is hidden in a location known only to himself and a few close kinsmen. Banerjee, B. G., and Kiran Bhatia. Toronto: Crabtree Publishing Co., 1990. Kin Groups and Descent. Parsippany, N.J.: Julian Messner, 1998. At other times, dances are performed simply for fun. Average Type Distribution. They are listed as a Scheduled Tribe for the purpose of India's system of positive discrimination. The earth, water, and air are ruled by deities that must be venerated and appeased with sacrifices and offerings. The Art of Gond #HandmadeInIndia A form of painting from folk and tribal art that is practiced by one of the largest tribes in India, the work of Gond artists is rooted in their folk tales and … [citation needed], They are a designated Scheduled Tribe in Andhra Pradesh, parts of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana, Odisha, and West Bengal. Gonds traditionally married on reaching physical maturity, with the selection of mates based on mutual choice, subject to the approval of the tribal council. Although sons are preferred, daughters are welcome too. They occupy less productive lands in some of the more remote areas of the country. But, again, these are generalizations and there are indigenous societies in which child and forced marriages are common. The Gond Indian tribes worship Janani or the mother of creator. Violation of the rule of exogamy is considered to be incest. 4: People of India. If these practitioners cannot help, the services of magicians and shamans must be sought. [15] Gonds had their own local terms for the Sun, Moon, Milky Way, and constellations. Left to fend for themselves, the women, the elderly and children have to eke out an existence or starve. The tree grows all over Africa and on the Indian subcontinent, in … Marriage by capture was in the past a popular form of Marriage among the Gonds. The latest available Census figures are from 1971, when there were 4,728,796 Gonds—one of the largest tribal groups on earth. 1 Properties 2 Acquisition 2.1 Kuldahar 3 Description This girdle increased the wearers Find Traps skill by 5%, and their Open Locks by 10% … LANGUAGE: Oriya This god is benign at heart, but can display violent tendencies. Each homestead houses a family, often a joint family consisting of the families of the married sons living with their parents. Like many other tribes in the region, Gonds worship a high god known as Baradeo, or Bhagavan, or Sri Shambu Mahadeo (known sometimes, rather confusingly, as Persa Pen). The Making of India and Indian Traditions. New York: F. Watts, 1990. The baby is named after three to four weeks, with the name-giver usually being the mother's brother for a boy, or the father's sister for a girl. ALTERNATE NAMES: Specific tribe names Scholars believe Gonds settled in Gondwana, now known as eastern Madhya Pradesh, between the ninth and thirteenth centuries ad. Then the Marathas under a Bhonsle ruler of Nagpur overran their country and completely dispossessed them of their power except in the hill fastnesses, which held out against all invaders. RELIGION: Hinduism They came out of the cave in four groups, thus laying the foundations of the basic fourfold division of Gond society. "Gonds For instance, a man may obtain a divorce if his wife is barren, quarrelsome, or negligent in doing her assigned work. The kitchen contains an assortment of cooking utensils, brass and earthenware pots, and baskets for storage. Fürer-Haimendorf, Christoph von, and Elizabeth von Fürer-Haimendorf (1979). Gonds enjoy singing and dancing. But they are not members of village councils and cannot become the village chief. Medicine. [19], In Gond folk(hindu) religion, adherents worship a high god known as Baradeo, whose alternate names are Bhagavan, Sri Shambu Mahadeo, and Persa Pen. Forest cover is dense in places, and communications are generally difficult. The council also can approve divorces. India. There are no sporting activities associated with traditional Gond society. Leaves from the Jungle: Life in a Gond Village. In one corner of the house is the shrine to the clan gods. Orientation Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. They have invented various original dances and are passionate dancers. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1991. Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. However, Gond women do enjoy spheres in which they retain some control. Yet their characterization as "hill people" identifies one of their underlying traits, namely their traditional association with the hills and uplands of the Peninsula's interior. Little is known about the origins of the Gonds. The Aboriginal Tribes of Hyderabad. 1969. Vegetables are either grown in gardens or collected from forests along with roots and tubers. Marriage is obligatory. Maria Murder and Suicide. Others believe that the soul joins the other ancestors of the clan, especially after a stone memorial has been erected. Presence of Gond. [9], According to the 1971 census, their population was 5.01 million. Only 1.5% of the population, mainly males, continues on to graduate level studies. Identification. Although sons are preferred, daughters are equally welcomed. Not only would offenders expect to be punished by the gods, but they are also excluded from the tribal community. Gond(gahnd) is a burly smith with a mighty hammer, forge, and anvil that allow him to craft the stuff of stars. Stones representing souls of the dead, or hanals, are kept in a hanalkot at the foot of a saja tree. There are lot many hair loss types: Involutional Alopecia- It is the natural gradual thinning of hair with age.There is an … Women also hardly ever play an important role in religion, although they may be spirit mediums or healers. Gond is a natural gum made of hardened sap taken from two sub-Saharan species of the acacia tree, Acacia senegal and Acacia seyal. Males undergo a ritual shaving of the beard, mustache, and eyebrows as a sign of adulthood. 3, The Raj Gonds of Adilabad. They call it gotra or kur. In some instances, such as with the Dandari dancers, dances retell events from Gond mythology. Baradeo oversees activities of lesser gods. Pahandi Kapar Lingal, a Gond hero, who received help from the goddess Jangu Bai, rescued them from the cave. With the exception of a few matrilineal societies (such as the Garo and Khasi of Meghalaya in the north-east of India), women in the country do not inherit land.

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